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Nonconnah Corporate Center isn’t just another business park. It’s a community for leaders & innovators.

Learn About Our Corporate Leasing Team & Business Park in Memphis, TN

Nonconnah Corporate Center offers warehouses, offices, and flex spaces in unparalleled locations. Situated at the heart of America's busiest cargo hub, our business park boasts polished and attractive features, ensuring a safe, convenient, and inviting environment. Nonconnah Corporate Center strategically resides at the intersection of the shipping and logistics industries. Critical facilities such as Memphis International Airport, FedEx World Hub, and the UPS Hub are all just minutes away.

Whether your business focuses on shipping, receiving, distribution, or storage, you'll find yourself precisely where you need to be for connectivity and efficiency. Just imagine how convenient it will be to have your goods shipped to a warehouse near the airport. Renting a space in Memphis's commerce center at Nonconnah office park will provide that.

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Nonconnah Corporate Center’s Vision for Memphis Commerce

Nestled strategically at the core of the shipping and logistics nexus, Nonconnah Corporate Center is an invaluable asset for various industries. The proximity to Memphis International Airport, one of the world's busiest cargo hubs, provides a distinct edge. Those in our industrial park have access to seamless and efficient operations with swift transportation and logistical support.

Key advantages for specific industries include:

  • Manufacturing: Access to efficient transportation routes and the nearby airport ensures timely delivery of raw materials and products, optimizing manufacturing processes.
  • Distribution: The central location is perfect for distribution networks, reducing transit times and improving supply chain efficiency.
  • E-Commerce Sectors: Swift connectivity to major shipping hubs enables expedited order fulfillment and streamlined e-commerce operations.
  • Retail Showrooms: Proximity to transportation hubs allows for quick restocking and ensures a constant inventory flow to retail spaces.
  • Medical Clinics: Being right off major highways ensures a steady supply of medical equipment and resources, crucial for the healthcare sector.
  • Media Companies: The movement of media equipment and productions is easier being right near Memphis's major highways.

As a bustling business hub, Nonconnah Corporate Center is a catalyst for growth and operational excellence. The strategic location near Memphis International Airport grants your business a competitive edge regardless of industry, ensuring you remain at the forefront of logistical efficiency and strategic connectivity.

Map of the entire Nonconnah Corporate Center community

Why Rent Office Space Near the Airport?

Renting office space near the airport offers numerous strategic advantages, improving connectivity and efficiency for businesses. This proximity ensures swift travel for business professionals, a huge benefit for frequent travelers. With global accessibility, businesses near airports can easily engage in international meetings and collaborations. Logistical convenience is a key perk for companies involved in shipping or distribution, as quick access to cargo facilities streamlines supply chain operations.

Additionally, an airport-adjacent office location improves client accessibility, fosters networking opportunities, and improves the overall image of a business. Reduced commute times for employees contribute to job satisfaction and productivity, while the central location serves as a flexible meeting point for remote teams. Choosing an office near the airport aligns with the demands of a globalized business landscape, providing convenience, connectivity, and potential for growth.

Why Rent a Warehouse Near the Airport?

A warehouse's proximity to the airport ensures swift transportation, reducing costs and facilitating just-in-time operations. Global accessibility supports international trade, while your warehouse's location serves as a distribution hub, optimizing connectivity and improving supply chain resilience.

This proximity allows quick response to market demands and facilitates expedited or emergency shipments. Ideal for e-commerce, the airport-adjacent warehouse streamlines order fulfillment, meeting customer expectations for rapid deliveries. Overall, choosing one of our warehouses near the airport is a strategic move that'll foster logistical efficiency and competitiveness in a dynamic global market.


Our Business Park's Amenities

Nonconnah Corporate Center is a premier business park and distribution center designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses looking for warehouse, office, or flex space. The property features an on-site management team, 24/7 security with roving guards, and a children's playground. Additionally, the park provides modern conveniences, including a fitness center, daycare, and on-site dining options. Our location emphasizes travel with proximity to a Marriott Hotel, freeways, and the airport.

Our Amenities

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We strive to be a work home away from home, where people feel comfortable and enjoy a sense of community. Tenants stay engaged with community newsletters, an ever-growing list of park amenities, and on-site property managers ready to take action and feedback. Nonconnah is the ideal place to run and grow your business.

We Put You First

When we say we're a company-first community, we mean that we're on a mission to create a true incubator for success. We've focused on offering sophisticated security features, maintenance teams, and heavy-duty infrastructure that can handle our tenants' most pressing demands.


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At Nonconnah, we provide the space your company needs to succeed. With our flex spaces, warehouses, and office spaces in Memphis, we're sure we can help your company find the perfect space. Our management team stands by with customizable solutions that fit your business needs.